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Conference Workshops:

Conference Day 1, May 15 2018


Registration and breakfast


ENERGY RISK welcome address




REGULATORY DEBATE: Trump's America, Giancarlo's CFTC and McIntyre's FERC: What regulatory developments have we seen under the new administrations?

  • Outlook for energy markets under the new administration: What signals have regulators been sending to market participants?
  • With four new commissioners, how has the FERC changed its rhetoric? Will there be changes in how they handle enforcement cases?
  • What is the CFTC under Giancarlo? What rule changes will the CFTC make that will impact markets the most? How are they going to simplify and streamline the rules that govern energy trading?
  • Update on US position limits: Will the CFTC synchronize with European MiFID II rules?
  • Review of the DOE's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR), directing FERC to "accurately price generation resources necessary to maintain reliability and resiliency." Depending on the final shape of the regulation, how might this impact power markets?

Moderator: Glenn Labhart, Partner, LABHART RISK ADVISORS
Jerry Jeske
, Group Chief Compliance Counsel, MERCURIA ENERGY TRADING
Ike Gibbs, Chief Compliance Officer, Commodities, CITADEL
Jay Matson, Branch Chief, Office of Enforcement, FERC 


Morning break

STREAM ONE: ERM, New Trends & Market Risk


Chairman's opening remarks: Spyros Maragos, Manager, Risk Analytics, DIRECT ENERGY


PANEL: Building an intelligent ERM program

  • What are the trends and what are the best practices?
  • What are the most important components to add to your ERM program? 
  • Overview of ERM analytics offerings. How do you successfully implement new analytics in your framework?
  • Data capabilities: How will access to larger pools of data change the way you build you ERM program?
  • Integrating your ERM framework with strategic planning 

Moderator: Bob Anderson, Executive Director, CCRO
Liza Abad, Enterprise Risk Manager, HESS CORPORATION
Malinda Prudencio, Vice President Risk Control, Chief Risk Officer, THE ENERGY AUTHORITY
Krystal Joscelyne, Senior Risk Manager, PDC ENERGY 
Matt Smith, Director of Commodity Research, CLIPPERDATA


PANEL: Come hell or high water: What can the risk management department do to effectively manage extreme events?

  • What have we learned for recent hurricanes? What weakness have they revealed?
  • How do you plan for this? How did you prepare your team for Harvey? 
  • What do you need to have in place to make sure you can operate the business? 
  • How beneficial are cloud and other technologies in managing extreme events? 

Moderator: Saji John, Global Head of Commodity Market Risk, CITIGROUP
Freddy Cardozo, Vice President, Supply & Risk Management, GAS SOUTH
Thomas McAndrew, Founding Partner, President and Chief Executive Officer, ENCHANTED ROCK
Stuart Krohn, Head Global Market Risk Gas, Power & Energy Trading, SHELL TRADING & SUPPLY


Lunch and opportunity to visit the exhibition


SPOTLIGHT ON: Robotic process automation (RPA)

  • RPA capabilities in the energy sector: Examples of business use case 
  • Humans and robots: How will risk manager's skills need to evolve to facilitate automation?
  • Implementation and challenges

Vlady Gorny, Vice President Risk Management EXELON


PANEL: Energy in the next 5 year: How will the industry change if low volatility, low prices persist?

  • Market liquidity outlook for 2018 and beyond
  • Do you expect the mix of market participants change?
  • How do you adapt your business to underlying industry trends?
  • New opportunities in energy
  • How do you hedge in a low volatility environment?
  • Will banks ever come back to commodities?

Moderator: Paul Hughes, Manager, Risk Control, SOUTHERN COMPANY
Saji John, Global Head of Commodity Market Risk, CITIGROUP
Haibin Sun, Director, Risk Analytics, EXELON CORPORATION

STREAM TWO: Regulation & Trading Compliance


Chairman's opening remarks


PANEL: MiFID II and US position limits: What does MiFID II mean for commodity market participants in the US?

  • How does the European regulatory landscape impact the US? What are the main challenges with complying with MiFID II so far?
  • What new operational issues European companies have been facing since the MiFID II implementation? Have anyone started to make a use of the information coming in through the new reporting regime? 
  • When do we expect the US position limits rules to come in effect?
  • What fragmentation do you expect between the UK and EU markets as the Brexit progress? 

Moderator: Tom Lord, President, DYNAMIC COMMODITY MANAGEMENT
Marc Merrill, Senior Vice President, Director, International Law & Global Trading, UNIPER
Sidney Vidaver, Director, Compliance, FX, Commodities & Regulatory Change, TD SECURITIES 
Caroline Pham, Head of Markets Regulatory Implementation, CITIGROUP


PANEL: Increasing transparency and robustness in natural gas price formation: What can the industry do?

  • The state of liquidity and transparency in the physical natural gas markets
  • What can the industry and/or regulators do to increase transparency in natural gas price formation? 
  • What elements you need in place to start price reporting program?
  • What questions do you need to be prepared to answer to regulators?

Moderator: Jennifer Fordham, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, NATURAL GAS SUPPLY ASSOCIATION
Alex Zhukovsky, Director, Energy Portfolio Risk Management, NATIONAL GRID
William Rust, Director, Energy Marketing Compliance, THE ENERGY AUTHORITY
David Louw, Division Director, Risk Management Group, Compliance, MACQUARIE GROUP
Nicholas Coughlin, Branch Chief, Office of Enforcement, Division of Audits and Accounting, FERC


Lunch and opportunity to visit the exhibition


PRESENTATION: An update on the cleared futures world

  • Futures and swaps market overview
  • Clearing vs. non-clearing: How does it sit in the evolving regulatory environment?
  • What are the latest developments in CCP recovery plans
  • How is risk managed by cleared futures?

Paul Cusenza, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, NODAL EXCHANGE & NODAL CLEAR


PANEL: Building an efficient trade surveillance program to spot disruptive trading activities

  • Defining what really matters and what doesn't in your trade surveillance program
  • The use of communication surveillance systems to enhance your trade surveillance program
  • What can you buy and what can you design yourself?
  • What is the bare minimum? And in the current environment, can a company justify not having trade surveillance program in place?
  • How in sync is your trade surveillance program with what regulators are mandating?

Joe Cipolla, Manager, Monitoring and Surveillance, MACQUARIE GROUP
Frank Hayden, Vice President, Trading Compliance, CALPINE
Tim Mckone, Head of North America Commodities Compliance, CITIGROUP


Afternoon break


GUEST ADDRESS: Risk managing machines

Novera Khan, Chief Risk Officer, UNIPER


CLOSING DEBATE: Vision and reality of blockchain technology applications in the energy sector

  • What do we know about blockchain applications in energy? What are the use cases of blockchain? What small/medium scale implementation projects you're familiar with and how successful they have been
  • Views on large scale blockchain-based platforms for energy/commodities trading (BP, Shell, etc.)
  • Will blockchain trading platforms get the blessing from regulators?
  • What are the cyber security threats associated with distributed ledger technology?
  • Blockchain critique: Is it too risky?

Lyon Hardgrave, Vice President, VAKT
Arnaud Stevens, Managing Director, Head of Global Energy & Commodities, NATIXIS
Rodney Malcolm, Chief Financial Officer, North America, TRAFIGURA
Glen Mackey, Chief Risk Officer, NRG ENERGY


ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS: Interactive roundtable discussions and speaker Q&A: Bring your questions, leave with your answers!

  • What's new in energy recruitment? Addressing the aging workforce, industry consolidation, displacement due to technology and managing new talent
  • Women in energy: Building a successful career in the traditionally male dominated industry - Led by: Jennifer Fordham, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, NATURAL GAS SUPPLY ASSOCIATION
  • Building the case for blockchain in energy: Is this technology ready for a successful implementation? 
  • MIFID II implications on the US market participants: What are your major concerns? - Led by: Marc Merrill, Senior Vice President, Director, International Law & Global Trading, UNIPER
  • Prospects for LNG: Overview of the LNG market and how does it impact US natural gas prices
  • Spotlight on Mexico: Evaluating a value proposition of the deregulated energy sector in Mexico

Speaker to be announced


ENERGY RISK closing remarks followed by drinks reception

Conference Day 2, May 16 2018


Registration and refreshments




KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Energy outlook and risks: A fundamental and quantitative assessment

Michael Haigh, Managing Director, Global Head of Commodities Research, SOCIETE GENERALE


THE FUTURE OF COMMODITY TRADING: Monetizing enhanced capabilities of the trader's toolkit

  • How has commodity trading changed in the increasingly digital, data-driven world?
  • Does cutting-edge technology and better quality data necessarily mean soaring profits? What are the other considerations?
  • How are data science tools being used in commodity trading
  • What role are FinTechs playing in improving a trader's toolkit?

Moderator: Rich Jefferson, Chief Operating Officer, Commodities, BEACON PLATFORM
Glen Mackey, Chief Risk Officer, NRG ENERGY
Markus Seiser, Chief Operating Officer, Energy, FIS

Speaker to be announced

10:20  Morning break

STREAM ONE : ETRM & Data Analytics


Chairman's opening remarks: Aftab Saleem, Principal, AIGLE



  • How is new technology changing ETRM offerings? What new features are being offered?
  • Developments in cloud solutions and the use of unstructured data in ETRMs
  • How do you manage renewables in a portfolio
  • If you're 100% renewable, what do you do? What analytics do you use?
  • How flexible are new ETRM systems on the market? How easy is it to add new business lines to the ETRM system?

Moderator: Sid Jacobson, Managing Partner, PIVOTAL RISK ADVISORS
Michael Enger, Interim - Energy Market Manager, Energy Market Analysis Group, AUSTIN ENERGY
Akshay Singh, Quantitative Analytics Manager, WGL ENERGY
Sarah McDowell, Head of Commodity Risk for Natural Gas, Valuations and BMI, BP ENERGY COMPANY
Jay Reynolds, Managing Director, Head of IT, CASTLETON COMMODITIES INTERNATIONAL


Lunch and opportunity to visit the exhibition


Examining how advanced visualization and analytics can expose disruptive trade practices

  • Industry drivers behind disruptive trade practices
  • Implementation and data challenges
  • Walk through multiple examples using advanced visuals and analytics 
  • Key take-aways

John Doran, Global Director, Trade Monitoring & Surveillance, CONOCOPHILLIPS


PRESENTATION: How to apply your energy risk skills outside your domain

  • Core skills learned in this domain - from Value at Risk to Data Science - are portable
  • The marginal return of these core skills is higher in new domains
  • Real examples in human resources, sales, marketing and other functional areas

Karthik Rajan, Head of Products, Growth and Marketing, HUDSON ENERGY, A JUST ENERGY COMPANY


NEW RESEARCH: Visual approach to modeling Excels spreadsheet formulae and data flows

  • Understand the significant role spreadsheets have in trading, origination, and other business functions
  • How to construct a framework to identify and track changes in mission critical spreadsheets
  • A step by step process to visually show data flow within a spreadsheet

Kevin Kindall, Senior Data Scientist, HARTREE PARTNERS

STREAM TWO: Emerging Risks & Technology


Chairman's opening remarks


PRESENTATION: Gas portfolio optimization

An analytical platform that:

  • Optimizes daily balancing/dispatch schedule to serve load under various constraints
  •  Evaluates asset/contract options to improve portfolio risk-return profiles
  • Sizes intrinsic and extrinsic values

Jie Zhou, Director, ERM Analytics, EXELON


New concepts in portfolio risk management in the face of emerging technologies

  • Impact of renewables and emerging technologies on the portfolio risk profile
  • Changing market dynamics for electricity, oil, gas and coal: The new paradigm
  • A reflection on the existing portfolio risk modeling methodologies and tools
  • How can we adapt our modeling approach to capture the previously unidentified value?

Tuncay Pekin, Managing Director, Strategy and Risk Management, AES CORPORATION


Lunch and opportunity to visit the exhibition


PRESENTATION: Managing operational risks with KRI metrics

  • Building a case for KRIs
  • What risks can be predicted and managed by using KRI metrics?
  • Implementing the KRI metrics in the organization
Speaker to be confirmed


PRESENTATION: Policy risk management in new and emerging energy commodity markets

  • What role do policy changes play in affecting commodity market fundamentals
  • Can industry lobbying efforts mitigate commodity risks through policy formation
  • Are policy driven markets exposed to litigation and partisan polits 
  • How reliant are emerging commodity markets on the existence and continuation of subsidies

‎Adam Raphaely, Head of Emissions and Renewable Energy, MERCURIA ENERGY


PRESENTATION: The ERCOT market design

  • How has the ERCOT structure changed over the last few years?
  • How market design is evolving with renewables growing in importance?

Erika Bierschbach, Interim Director, Energy & Market Operations, AUSTIN ENERGY


Afternoon break


GUEST ADDRESS: Risk managing machines

Novera Khan, Chief Risk Officer, UNIPER


ENERGY SECTOR 2.0: Utilizing next generation resources

  • How do you train and manage new generations? How do you manage their expectations? 
  • How do you motivate a new generation to choose the risk management division? How do you lure them back in when they leave for commercial roles?
  • How is technology changing the role of a risk manager? In an increasingly technology-driven world, what new skill set is needed in energy risk management and trading?
  • What postgraduate qualifications (such as ERPs, MBAs, and PhDs) are valued in the energy risk management world?
  • What role does social media play in the energy sector? How do we track and utilize data available on social networks?

Moderator: Nima Safaian, Head of Trading Analytics, CENOVUS ENERGY
Gary Taylor, Chief Risk Officer, BP ENERGY COMPANY‎
Bryan Sal, Refined Products Market Risk Manager, SHELL TRADING
Nigeria Poole Bloczynski, Head of Corporate Risk Management, WGL


OUTLOOK FOR CLEAN ENERGY: Growing momentum in the renewables playing field: How are utilities in North America changing as the adoption rate of clean energies continue to grow rapidly?

  • Managing strategic risks associated with renewables, distributed generation and smart grid
  • How to balance reliability, affordability and sustainability on renewables of clean energ
  • Large corporate initiatives to generate power at zero cost -you can't compete with that - but what can utilities do to adapt their business to this change?
  • What are the trends in Texas in terms of renewables generation? How is it impacting ERCOT and reliability?

Erika Bierschbach, Interim Director, Energy & Market Operations, AUSTIN ENERGY
Tuncay Pekin, Managing Director, Strategy and Risk Management, AES CORPORATION
Jie Zhou, Director, ERM Analytics, EXELON


ENERGY RISK closing remarks. End of the conference,