The Energy Risk Summit USA

The leading industry event for energy traders and risk managers for over 20 years

The 21st annual Energy Risk Summit USA is returning to Houston on May 8-11, 2017 with a new exciting agenda, covering the most trending topics in the industry!

Every year, this renowned conference attracts over 200 professionals in energy risk management & trading from across the country to discuss the latest trends and issues the industry is facing. The only constant in energy markets is change, and this year we have seen many developments which will undoubtedly shake up industry's fundamentals in 2017 and beyond.

Over the months of research with key industry influencers and past participants, we have brought into focus a number of issues that we will aim to discuss over two days.


Key themes for 2017 include:

  • Energy Risk Summit USA
  • Energy Risk Summit USA
  • Energy Risk Summit USA
  • Energy Risk Summit USA



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