Pre and Post Energy Risk Workshops

Pre Conference Workshop: 13th May 

Post Conference Workshop: 16th May 

Risk Management Live: Making a Market Call in the Real-Time Simulation

Led by:

Nima Safaian, Head of Trading Analytics, CENOVUS ENERGY


I. Introduction to Trading

  • High level overview of different styles of energy and commodities trading
  • Differences between Physical and Financial Trading and speculative trading vs. optimization

II. Using Data Science Tools

  • Using data science tools to source, wrangle data, visual and develop simple models

Morning break


Making a Market Call

  • Process of performing market analysis, risk/reward, and plan to capture the market call
  • Develop a rule based trading plan and back testing strategy.



Energy Trading Optimization Game

  • Trade execution in a 30min trading game where participants execute either a flat price or spread physical trade

Afternoon break


Evaluating Performance and Wrap-up

  • Post Trade wrap-up. Discussion on the elements of effective market call and what are the attributes of a good traders and how they can be developed

End of workshop


●    Energy and commodities risk professionals and analysts interact with traders on a daily basis and rarely have the opportunity to experience what trading practically entails . This session aims at providing first hand insights on the trading process, from market analytics to form a market view, assessing how to monetize it, risk appetite and execution.
●    Introduce a hands-on data science approach to market analysis, making a trading plan and perform risk and reward analysis and backtesting trades prior to execution. 


●    Risk Managers
●    Trading Analyst
●    Traders
●    Compliance Managers
●    IT Professionals