Sponsors 2022

Sponsors 2022

2022 Energy Risk USA Exhibitors

Founded in 2013, KWA Analytics is a unique consultancy with focus and experience in implementing trading, risk, and treasury management solutions. We bring together, under one roof, industry leading experts with complete related skill sets. Our people have unrivalled experience of implementations, upgrades, and solution architecture across a wide range of organizations. KWA Analytics has an established set of credentials as a trusted implementation consulting services provider.

NatGasHub.com is a multi-pipeline natural gas nominations and tariffs dashboard. Our software automatically connects gas shippers to 100+ pipes with one API. Nom One & Done! Eliminate hand-typing of noms.

Established in 1995, ZE’s sole purpose is to help organizations that are data driven to be more efficient through end-to-end data automation and superior services.

ZE is the developer of ZEMA, a comprehensive platform for data aggregation, validation, modelling, automation and integration. By providing unrivaled data collection, analytics, curve management, and integration capabilities, ZEMA offers robust data solutions for clients in all markets and industries. ZE also provides a full range of support and implementation services ensuring full success across all elements of the organization’s needs. ZEMA is available on premise, as a cloud solution via the ZE Cloud, Software as a Service, or Data-as-a-Service. To learn more visit www.ze.com  Data. We Get It.

OpenGamma is a derivatives analytics firm with unparalleled expertise in OTC and ETD margin methodologies, backed by CME, JSCC, Accel and Dawn. Our teams bring together a unique mix of practitioner, quantitative and software engineering expertise.

Today, we are trusted by the largest and most sophisticated global banks, trading firms and fund managers, with thousands of users depending on our analytics. Our product coverage spans  margin solutions (validating and optimising cleared and bilateral portfolios), and Uncleared Margin Rules compliance.

OpenGamma has on-boarded over 40 clients to our cloud-based solution including Tier One Investment Banks, Asset Managers, Commodity Trading Firms and Hedge Funds – successfully delivering to these demanding organisations within committed timelines. 

Global Risk Community is a thriving community of risk managers and associated service providers. Our purpose is to foster business, networking and educational explorations among members. Our goal is to be the world's premier Risk forum and contribute to a better understanding of the complex world of risk.

ORX is the largest operational risk association in the financial sector and for nearly two decades has been an ever-expanding global community that brings together thousands of operational risk professionals to share knowledge, expertise and experience.

ORX’s services include a range of solutions focused on effective management and measurement of operational and non-financial risk. As well as enabling the secure and anonymous exchange of loss data between financial organisations, their services also include ORX News, a platform that collates publicly-reported loss events from around the globe, an extensive research programme, and many global networking events.

ORX not only supports individual organisations to assess their vulnerability to losses, but also to shape industry-wide development of best practice. ORX is owned and managed by over 100 financial firms from all over the world. As a not-for-profit organisation, ORX invests all income back into providing high-quality benefits for operational and non-financial risk professionals. This ultimately helps develop the discipline.