Pre-conference event on May 13: Digitalization of Energy Markets: Cloud, Robotics and Data Analytics
Post-conference event on May 16: Risk Management Live: Making a Market Call in the Real-Time Stimulation


Day One - May 14, 2019


Registration and refreshments






OPENING PANEL: Digitalization of energy markets: Harnessing new technologies to build the risk function of the future

  • Understanding what’s out there and which products will best address your challenges

  • What can artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation and natural language processing bring to the trading and risk functions?

  • Building a business case and measuring ROI on new technologies

  • AI: Build or buy – will energy companies need to become technology firms?


Morning break and opportunity to network

KNOWLEDGE CAFÉ: Grab a coffee and join a table of your choice to share ideas and network with fellow industry professionals.

  • Rethinking the ERM framework: Best practices and biggest challenges

  • Women in energy: Building a successful career in the traditionally male dominated industry

  • A new era for analytics in power markets: The use NLP and sentiment analysis

  • Spotlight on Mexico: Evaluating a value proposition of the deregulated energy sector in Mexico

ERM, Credit, Operational & Market Risks

Chair’s opening remarks


PANEL: Building a robust ERM program

  • What are the trends and best practices?

  • Deciding which risks to measure

  • How best to communicate qualitative risk analysis

  • What is the optimal interface between ERM and the traditional risk function?

  • Best use of analytics

  • Integrating ERM framework with strategic planning


PRESENTATION: The risk management nightmare in ERCOT

  • Analysing significant volatility in Texas power market

  • What is driving these market trends?

  • What is ERCOT doing to stabilize the market?


PRESENTATION: Enhancing your risk management framework and resiliency with KRI metrics

  • Building a case for KRIs

  • What risks can be predicted and managed by using KRI metrics?

  • Implementing KRI metrics in the organization


Lunch and opportunity to network

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PRESENTATION: Managing cyber threats in the data driven world

  • Identifying and managing threats and vulnerabilities in your organization

  • Integrating IT risk as part of a comprehensive ERM strategy

  • How to quantify cyber risk as a financial risk

  • Understanding IT risks in the context of the business


PRESENTATION: Counterparty credit risk management: Best practices in a current environment

  • Assessing counterparty risk and the latest trends in credit risk monitoring

  • Have credit rating agencies regained the trust of their clients trust?

  • How are Big Data and new analytics being used in the credit risk function?

  • How to integrate counterparty risk management in the broader risk management function?


PANEL: When all hell breaks loose, is your business continuity management (BCM) framework ready for it?

  • What is your BCM framework? What weaknesses have recent extreme weather events revealed in it?

  • How to build a robust BCM strategy? What factors do you consider?

  • Should firms plan for more frequent extreme weather events?

  • How beneficial are cloud and other technologies in helping firms manage extreme events?

Trading Surveillance, Compliance & Practical Case Studies

Chair’s opening remarks


TRADE SURVEILANCE MASTERCLASS: Building an intelligent trade surveillance program that works for your organization

Part I: Setting the scene: What is the global scope of regulatory expectations?

Part II: Defining what really matters and what doesn’t in your trade surveillance program

Part III: Building in-house vs. buying: What is the right mix for you?

Part IV: Detecting disruptive behaviours: What tools are helpful in spotting high-risk behaviours?


PRESENTATION: Focus on contract risk: Boosting profits by understanding and renegotiating your contracts

  • What processes and resources you need to have in place to manage contract risk?

  • Are you taking a full advantage of what is agreed in your contracts?

  • Some practical examples


Lunch and opportunity to network

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CASE STUDY: Lessons from two commodity defaults

  • The autopsy: What happened at Greenhat/PJM and Nasdaq?

  • What do these defaults teaches us about electricity markets?

  • What risk management failures have these events revealed?

  • What regulators and exchanges need to learn from the Greenhat/PJM and Norwegian Nasdaq defaults?


PRESENTATION: Risk based approach for screening counterparties


PANEL: Ecommunication: Beyond compliance to best practices in the industry

  • Mitigating conduct, financial and reputational risks with effective e-communication program

  • Key considerations for real-time surveillance of electronic communications

  • How can communication surveillance help build more robust liaison between compliance and front-office

  • Using AI to achieve e-communication compliance and more


Afternoon break and opportunity to network


PRESENTATION: Human and the machine: The use of robotic process automation (RPA) in energy trading and risk management


RISING STARS PANEL: Energy risk management &trading 2.0: How do you see the sector changing while being a part of the change itself?

Hear what the next generation expect from a career in energy risk management!

  • What made you decide to enter the energy world and was it as you expected?

  • What motivates and excites you about energy risk management and trading?

  • What do you find discouraging about pursuing a career in this sector? Is it considered a sector to stick around in or is it seen as a stepping stone to other asset classes?

  • Is energy risk management keeping pace with technological advances?

  • Do you think postgraduate qualifications (such as ERPs, MBAs, and PhDs) are of value in your day-to-day job?

  • How do you see the industry and the role of the risk manager and trader evolving?


ENERGY RISK closing remarks followed by drinks reception


Day Two - May 15, 2019


Registration and refreshments




KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Drivers behind global energy markets. Outlook for 2019 and beyond

FOLLOW ON DISCUSSION: The great American oil boom

  • Overview of the US crude oil market and the impact of growing exports

  • Marpol 2020: What are the key considerations?

  • Update on the infrastructure in the Permian Basin and the US Gulf coast

  • Geopolitical threats and how they impact global oil trade


FOCUS ON BLOCKCHAIN: The new frontier: The future of blockchain technology in the energy sector

  • What progress has been made in blockchain applications in energy? How successful were the most recent implementation projects?

  • Update on large scale blockchain-based platforms for energy/commodities trading

  • Blockchain in energy: Does it have a realistic chance of becoming a new frontier in energy trading?


Morning break and opportunity to network

KNOWLEDGE CAFÉ: Grab a coffee and join a table of your choice to share ideas and network with fellow industry professionals.

  • Becoming the global oil powerhouse: Understanding dynamics of booming oil production and impact on the US energy markets

  • What’s new in energy recruitment? Addressing the aging workforce, industry consolidation, displacement due to technology and managing new talent

  • Revolutionizing energy trading with blockchain: What has been achieved so far?

  • Robotic process automation for utilities and energy sector: What are the key considerations?

ETRM & Data Analytics

Chair’s opening remarks



PRESENTATION: ETRM and the smart use of analytics

FOLLOW ON DISCUSSION: The evolution of ETRM systems: Where are you today, where should you be today, where should you be tomorrow?

  • How should ETRM systems adjust to new technologies such as AI and ML?

  • Building in-house vs. buying: What is the right solution for your organization?

  • Moving to the Cloud – how much and how fast?

  • Extracting unstructured data from ETRMs to produce decision-useful information

  • How flexible are new ETRM systems? How easy is it to add new business lines?


Lunch and opportunity to network

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PRESENTATION: Extracting full advantage of legacy models


PRESENTATION: The role of machine learning and artificial intelligence in power trading

  • Use cases of machine learning and AI in power trading

  • Machine learning models in the power markets: Where do you start?

  • Training your machines: What are the biggest challenges?

Renewables, LNG & Oil

Chair’s opening remarks


PRESENTATION: Impact of renewables and emerging technologies on the portfolio risk profile


PRESENTATION: The state of global energy storage markets

  • The latest developments in storage solutions and what’s on the horizon?
  • The newest players in the energy storage technology space
  • How do advances in energy storage, batteries, smart meters, grid modernization, etc. shape the bigger picture of power markets?


Lunch and opportunity to network

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PRESENTATION: How significant is the impact of Marpol 2020? The answer is ‘very significant’

  • Complying with the new global sulphur cap for shipping in 2020: Key considerations

  • The impact of Marpol 2020 on the entire energy supply chain

  • Will there be enough of the new fuel and if so will its production be at the expense of other fuels?

  • How to hedge 2020 fuel requirements in the face of such uncertainty


PRESENTATION: The US LNG market: How it impacts domestic gas prices and how it impacts Asia


Afternoon break and networking


FOCUS ON THE CLIMATE RISK: Assessing the climate risk: How are energy companies responding to the climate change policy and societal preference to prevent extinction?


GUEST KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The rise of electric vehicles and what it means to energy prices and the industry


THE BIG RISK: The new world of renewables and distributed generation: Managing risk as the ground shifts

  • Managing existential risks associated with renewables, distributed generation and smart grid: How will utilities look in 5-10 years’ time?

  • From consumer to producer: How will prosumers change the market structure?

  • Renewables are changing traditional utility business models from the ground up: Are risk managers being sufficiently included in the conversation?

  • How is this transition changing the role of the risk manager? Less compliance, more strategy?


ENERGY RISK closing remarks


End of the conference.