Pre-conference event on May 13: Digitalization of Energy Markets: Cloud, Robotics and Data Analytics
Post-conference event on May 16:
Risk Management Live: Making a Market Call in the Real-Time Stimulation

Day One - May 14, 2019


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OPENING KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The changing nature of physical & derivatives market structures: The impact on end-users and market liquidity



EXECUTIVE ADDRESS:  Disentangling the impact of financial flows on oil markets

Ilia Bouchouev, Managing Director, Global Head of Derivatives, KOCH SUPPLY & TRADING


OPENING PANEL: Digitalization of energy markets: Harnessing new technologies to build the risk function of the future

  • Understanding what’s out there and which products will best address your challenges

  • What can artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation and natural language processing bring to the trading and risk functions?

  • Building a business case and measuring ROI on new technologies

  • AI: Build or buy – will energy companies need to become technology firms?

Moderator: Sid Dash, Research Director, CHARTIS RESEARCH
Partha Chatterjee, Program Directorate, Global LNG and Gas Trading Systems, SHELL

Further speakers to be announced


Morning break and opportunity to network

KNOWLEDGE CAFÉ: Grab a coffee and join a table of your choice to share ideas and network with fellow industry professionals.

  • Rethinking the ERM framework: Best practices and biggest challenges

  • Women in energy: Building a successful career in the traditionally male dominated industry

  • A new era for analytics in power markets: The use NLP and sentiment analysis

  • Spotlight on Mexico: Evaluating a value proposition of the deregulated energy sector in Mexico

ERM, Credit, Operational & Market Risks

Chair’s opening remarks


PANEL: Building a robust ERM program

  • What are the trends and best practices?

  • Deciding which risks to measure

  • How best to communicate qualitative risk analysis

  • What is the optimal interface between ERM and the traditional risk function?

  • Best use of analytics

  • Integrating ERM framework with strategic planning

Leonardo Moreno, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Investment and Chief Risk Officer, THE AES CORPORATION

Further speakers to be announced


PRESENTATION: The risk management nightmare in ERCOT

  • Analysing significant volatility in Texas power market

  • What is driving these market trends?

  • What is ERCOT doing to stabilize the market?

Speaker to be announced


PRESENTATION: Counterparty credit risk management: Best practices in  a current environment

  • Assessing counterparty risk and the latest trends in credit risk monitoring
  • Have credit rating agencies regained the trust of their clients trust?
  • How are Big Data and new analytics being used in the credit risk function?
  • How to integrate counterparty risk management in the broader risk management function?

Doug Adair, Senior Director, Credit Risk, DIRECT ENERGY

Speaker  to be confirmed


Lunch and opportunity to network

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PRESENTATION: Dynamic risk based approach to client screening

  • Key divers behind client screening
  • Evolution of counterparty risk analysis
  • Building a dynamic risk matrix
  • Analytic capabilities of a dynamic risk matrix
  • Counterparty risk: Things to watch in 2019

Jennifer Plank,  Senior Analyst, Global Trade Monitoring & Analysis, CONOCOPHILLIPS 


PRESENTATION: Managing cyber threats in the data driven  world

  • Identifying  and managing  threats and vulnerabilities in your organization
  • Integrating  IT risk as part of a comprehensive  ERM strategy
  • How to quantify cyber risk as a financial risk
  • Understanding IT risks in the context of the business

Speaker  to be confirmed


PANEL: When all hell breaks loose, is your business continuity management (BCM) framework ready for it?

  • What is your BCM framework? What weaknesses have recent extreme weather events revealed in it?

  • How to build a robust BCM strategy? What factors do you consider?

  • Should firms plan for more frequent extreme weather events?

  • How beneficial are cloud and other technologies in helping firms manage extreme events?

Stuart Krohn, Head Global Market Risk Gas, Power & Energy Trading, SHELL TRADING & SUPPLY

Further speakers to be announced

Trading Surveillance, Compliance & Practical Case Studies

Chair’s opening remarks


TRADE SURVEILANCE MASTERCLASS: Building an intelligent trade surveillance program that works for your organization

Part I: Setting the scene: What is the global scope of regulatory expectations?

Part II: Defining what really matters and what doesn’t in your trade surveillance program

Part III: Building in-house vs. buying: What is the right mix for you?

Part IV: Detecting disruptive behaviours: What tools are helpful in spotting high-risk behaviours?

John Doran, Global Director, Trade Monitoring &  Analysis , CONOCOPHILLIPS 
Frank Hayden, Vice President, Trading Compliance, CALPINE

Further speakers to be announced


PRESENTATION: Focus on contract risk: Boosting profits by understanding and renegotiating your contracts

  • What processes and resources you need to have in place to manage contract risk?

  • Are you taking a full advantage of what is agreed in your contracts?

  • Some practical examples

Speaker to be announced


Lunch and opportunity to network

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Update from the cleared futures world

  • Futures and swaps market overview
  • Clearing vs. Non-Clearing: What are the Issues in the evolving regulatory environment?
  • How is risk manged by cleared futures?
  • What can we learn from the power defaults in 2018?

 Paul Cusenza, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, NODAL EXCHANGE


CASE STUDY:  Lessons from two commodity defaults

  • The autopsy: What happened at Greenhat/PJM and Nasdaq?
  • What do these defaults teaches us about electricity markets?
  • What risk management failures have these events revealed?
  • What regulators and exchanges need to learn from the Greenhat/PJM and Norwegian Nasdaq defaults?



PANEL: Ecommunication: Beyond compliance to best practices in the industry

  • Mitigating conduct, financial and reputational risks with effective e-communication program

  • Key considerations for real-time surveillance of electronic communications

  • How can communication surveillance help build more robust liaison between compliance and front-office

  • Using AI to achieve e-communication compliance and more

Moderator:  Tom Lord, President, DYNAMIC COMMODITY MANAGEMENT  
Eileen Merrigan,  Senior Manager, Compliance Controls, HARTREE PARTNERS
John Clowney, Senior Vice President,  Compliance, CITIGROUP

Further speakers to be announced


Afternoon break and opportunity to network


PRESENTATION: Human and the machine: The use of robotic process automation (RPA) in energy trading and risk management

Speaker to be announced


RISING STARS PANEL: Energy risk management &trading 2.0: How do you see the sector changing while being a part of the change itself?

Hear what the next generation expect from a career in energy risk management!

  • What made you decide to enter the energy world and was it as you expected?

  • What motivates and excites you about energy risk management and trading?

  • What do you find discouraging about pursuing a career in this sector? Is it considered a sector to stick around in or is it seen as a stepping stone to other asset classes?

  • Is energy risk management keeping pace with technological advances?

  • Do you think postgraduate qualifications (such as ERPs, MBAs, and PhDs) are of value in your day-to-day job?

  • How do you see the industry and the role of the risk manager and trader evolving?

Speakers to be announced


ENERGY RISK closing remarks followed by drinks reception

Day Two - May 15, 2019


Arrival: 7.30 AM, Presentation: 7.45-8.30 AM

IMO 2020: The next big thing

Complying with the new global sulphur cap for shipping in 2020: Key considerations
The impact of IMO 2020 on the entire energy supply chain
Will there be enough of the new fuel and if so will its production be at the expense of other fuels?
How to hedge 2020 fuel requirements in the face of such uncertainty


Speakers to be announced


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OPENING KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Antoine Halff, Senior Research Scholar at the Center on Global Energy Policy, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY



  • Overview of the US crude oil market and the impact of growing exports

  • Marpol 2020: What are the key considerations?

  • Update on the infrastructure in the Permian Basin and the US Gulf coast

  • Geopolitical threats and how they impact global oil trade

Michael Wittner, Managing Director, Global Head of Oil Research, SOCIETE GENERALE
Abhishek Deshpande,  Global Head of Oil Market Research & Strategy, J.P. MORGAN
Antoine Halff, Senior Research Scholar at the Center on Global Energy Policy, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY

Further speakers to be announced


FOCUS ON BLOCKCHAIN: The new frontier: The future of blockchain technology in the energy sector

  • What progress has been made in blockchain applications in energy? How successful were the most recent implementation projects?

  • Update on large scale blockchain-based platforms for energy/commodities trading

  • Blockchain in energy: Does it have a realistic chance of becoming a new frontier in energy trading?

Arnaud Stevens, Managing Director, Head of Global Energy & Commodities, NATIXIS
Robert Trinnear, Managing Director, THE ENERGY AUTHORITY

Further speakers to be announced


Morning break and opportunity to network

KNOWLEDGE CAFÉ: Grab a coffee and join a table of your choice to share ideas and network with fellow industry professionals.

  • Becoming the global oil powerhouse: Understanding dynamics of booming oil production and impact on the US energy markets

  • What’s new in energy recruitment? Addressing the aging workforce, industry consolidation, displacement due to technology and managing new talent

  • Revolutionizing energy trading with blockchain: What has been achieved so far?

  • Robotic process automation for utilities and energy sector: What are the key considerations?

ETRM & Data Analytics

Chair’s opening remarks



PRESENTATION: ETRM and the smart use of analytics

FOLLOW ON DISCUSSION: The evolution of ETRM systems: Where are you today, where should you be today, where should you be tomorrow?

  • How should ETRM systems adjust to new technologies such as AI and ML?

  • Building in-house vs. buying: What is the right solution for your organization?

  • Moving to the Cloud – how much and how fast?

  • Extracting unstructured data from ETRMs to produce decision-useful information

  • How flexible are new ETRM systems? How easy is it to add new business lines?

Lee Norris, Senior Vice President, Trading IT, EDF TRADING
Jose Noyes, IT Architect Director,  ETRM Systems, ENGIE

Further speaker to be announced


Lunch and opportunity to network

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PRESENTATION: A pragmatic approach to extracting full value from legacy processes and models

  • Understanding the key components of a typical ETRM system
  • Creating new insights into risk and PNL drivers
  • Enabling better decision making with almost no change in IT infrastructure
  • Building more informative risk reports

Kevin Kindall, Senior Data Scientist, HARTREE PARTNERS


PRESENTATION: The role of machine learning and artificial intelligence in power trading

  • Use cases of machine learning and AI in power trading

  • Machine learning models in the power markets: Where do you start?

  • Training your machines: What are the biggest challenges?

Speaker to be announced

Renewables, LNG & Oil

Chair’s opening remarks


PRESENTATION: Impact of renewables and emerging technologies on the portfolio risk profile

Speaker to be announced


PANEL DISCUSSION: Has US shale been over-hyped?

  • Has the shale revolution reached its peak?
  • Can US shale output grow fast enough to stabilise global oil prices?
  • Have shale recovery rates been overstated?
  • Will shale producers continue to get the financing they need?

Scott Lapierre, Reservoir Characterization Director, Founder, SHALE SPECIALISTS LLC

Further speakers to be announced



Lunch and opportunity to network

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Sign up on the day to your choice of lunch table led by Energy Risk USA 2019 speakers


PRESENTATION: The state of global energy storage markets

  • The latest developments in storage solutions and what’s on the horizon?
  • The newest players in the energy storage technology space
  • How do advances in energy storage, batteries, smart meters, grid modernization, etc. shape the bigger picture of power markets?

Speaker to be announced


PRESENTATION: Using a financial-economics approach to forecast crude-oil spot prices

  • What do we mean by the “Message from Markets”?
  • Information in options prices:  Extracting forward-looking commodity betas
  • Whither crude oil prices?  While there is an abundance of prognosticators, consider a financial-economics approach to forecasting spot prices:
    - Demand- and supply-side effects in crude-oil futures
    - Markets:  Comovement (correlation) of oil and equity markets
    - A CAPM-based forecast of oil prices using forward-looking oil betas

Ehud Ronn, Professor Of Finance, McCombs School of Business , UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN


Afternoon break and networking


AFTERNOON KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The camel, the bear and the eagle slug it out for market dominance

Edward Morse, Managing Director, Global Head of Commodity Research, CITI GROUP 


PLENARY ADDRESS: Assessing the climate risk: How are energy companies responding to the climate change policy and societal preference to prevent extinction?

Speaker to be announced


THE BIG RISK: The new world of renewables and distributed generation: Managing risk as the ground shifts

  • Managing existential risks associated with renewables, distributed generation and smart grid: How will utilities look in 5-10 years’ time?

  • From consumer to producer: How will prosumers change the market structure?

  • Renewables are changing traditional utility business models from the ground up: Are risk managers being sufficiently included in the conversation?

  • How is this transition changing the role of the risk manager? Less compliance, more strategy?

Jenny Fordham, NACD Governance Fellow, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, NATURAL GAS SUPPLY ASSOCIATION

Speakers to be announced


ENERGY RISK closing remarks


End of the conference.